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This class is comprised of students in grades K-5  who have a special exceptionality. Our day is a filled with a fun and different approach to learning that caters to the individual  needs of each student. We use a variety of teaching methods that include but are not limited to Chrome books, Smart boards and tablets.

  • Special Friend Day at the Fair

    It's that time of year again where we gather our special friends and head out to the Alabama National Fair on November 1, 2017. Our students have been invited along with a parent chaperone to come join in the fun. We hope you will join us!

A peek inside our world!! 
    Fun and Learning!
    Sensory Skills
    Learning Fun With Dr.Hollins during our technology time!
    Morning Fun with Dr. Hollins!
    Mrs.Asia Davis-Jones- Paraprofessional
    Mrs.Asia Davis-Jones
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